Fishing and Pipe Recovery Services

"Exceptional Service Thru Safety and Client Satisfaction"

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Open Hole Fishing

Removal of unwanted objects from the well bore. Tools, equipment and broken pieces of drill pipe, bits or tubulins. More Info.

Cased Hole Fishing

Stuck pipe, tubing removal, debris recovery, milling and packer retrieval. More Info.

Pipe Recovery

Canfish offers services for recovering casing, drill pipe, coiled tubing, and tubing. More Info.

Serving Western Canada's Energy Sector

Services Include:

  • Open & Cased hole fishing
  • Milling
  • Pilot milling
  • Packer retrieval
  • Bridge Plug retrieval
  • Frac Port milling
  • Under reaming
  • TBR Reamers
  • More ...